Title: Ingest (left) & Bundle (right), 2020
Image left: (L)108 x (W) 75cm​

image Right: (L) 78cm x (W) 81cm
Formed from recycled waste, stuffed with donated discarded toys, carpet off cuts and then tied and rolled together with loose wire and white fabric.

Title: Untitled,2020

Formed from a broken garden chair, torn teddy and left over material residue from the studio (Blue bag stuffed with waste)

(h)89cm x (w)51cm

Title: Untitled Entity, 2017

32 donated tights stuffed with soft waste from a discarded sofa.

Dimensions Vary

Title: Freedom from  labour, 2018

Found sofa stripped away for its soft material, then stacked on a broken office chair and strapped together with a single loose wire.

(h) 178cm x (w) 55cm

 © 2020 Damian Massey

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